FACTSHEET NERD COMMUNICATIONS Nerd Nerdcommunications Nerdfilms in a nutshell. Born in 2007. Mother, embassy of dreams, one of Germany's biggest advertising film-production companies. Father, a strong belief that, once people switch off their TV, a higher form of communication between brands and consumers can arise. Nerdfilms was raised in Berlin and fed by the trust that agencies like DDB, JvM, Scholz and many more put into it. Why go nerd? If you are different to the other kids, you probably will have friends who are too. In Nerdfilms, designers, writers, fashionistas, painters, typographers, architects, comic artists, musicians, filmmakers, and some really unusual people have found a playground for interacting with each others' ideas. Brands like Allianz, Nike and Sony Ericsson liked our treatment. It's your turn now. HIRE US Thank you for hiring Nerdfilms. We are quite busy at the moment gaining world dominance, but if you leave a briefing after the 'meow', we will get right back to you. THIS IS NERDFILMS Proud to be different. Imagine being a hybrid of filmmaker, architect and cook. A clone of a writer, psychologist and gardener. Imagine being born in the 80s, living in 2015 but feeling at home in the 60s. Imagine, all the time, having images, sounds and ideas in your head that are so strange you do not know whom to share them with. Imagine you are one of us. A brainstorm blew away my motorhome. We believe in the ultimate power of an unspoiled idea, in visions that are so strong, that they could destroy the planet if they weren't controlled by a higher strategic force. We are not a film production company, or a design studio, or a web shop, or consultants. Though we can do all of those things. But why stop there? NERD Commuications GmbH Embassy of Dreams Filmproduktion GmbH Directors: Helmut Hartl, Stefan Telegdy NERDS Vaughan Arnell Reino David Incorvaia Torben Liebrecht ACTOP Joel Marsden Frieder Wittich Jörg Walther Matt Pyke Marc Hartmann Marc Schleiss GloryHolyIdol Marc Malze Annique Delphine Kai von Ahlefeld Andreas Wrede Dirk Rittberger amontillado music Moritz Laube TAGS Stefan Telegdy Daniel Adolph Katja Fleck Nerd Nerdshop Nerdbrille Mitte Jung von Matt Scholz & Friends Filmproduktion Werbefilmproduktion Werbung Kommunikation Strategie Viralmarketing Viral Viralspot Regie Regisseur TV-Spot Design ipad iphone app apps appstore